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Scentlab: A creative hub that captures ideas into aromas.

About us

Our work at Scentlab.

At Akewuele we are aware of the power of aromas as generators of unique emotions. In a second, a scent can tell a story, evoke feelings and create a memory that will last over time.

Our passion for fragrances is available for companies that have understood that caring for their olfactory footprint is another tool to improve the perception and uniqueness of their brand plus their user experience at the point of sale.

We understand what makes your brand special

We search for scents that evoke emotions

Together we create unique fragrances

Creators of olfactory experiences

A story of passion.

The fragrance of Akewuele begins to take shape in 2007 with our first invention that combined image, a message and a scent in a little box. That evocative experiment became in 2009 an olfactory marketing company that had a strong message and values to communicate. No longer needed an image or a message to evoke sensations and communicate values.

Today, Akewuele is a sensory communication company that works for the most important brands in Spain, creating spaces through scents with exclusive fragrances for a wide variety of projects.

Innovation and technology are key in the development of all the Akewuele projects, but we also support and encourage the humanization of processes to bring a tailored touch to all phases of our projects: fragrance creation and design.

Tailor made perfumery that creates identity.

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