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Akewuele part of a dream

Akewuele S.L. is made up of a group of businesses from different fields: Odotipo, an olfactory marketing company which forms part of Grup Maculart and has more than 35 years of experience in the world of printing and graphic design, and Trisón Acústica, a Galician company dedicated to musical and lighting ambiance. Akewuele has a collaboration agreement with Ravetllat Aromàtics, a Catalan business dedicated to the creation of fragrances with more than 80 years in the sector and their own laboratory where a large team of perfumers and technicians work.

Our innovation policy is based on providing improvements to the client; we don’t believe in standardization and we work to make every product a personal and exclusive creation both in regards to the fragrance and the graphics.



Albert Majós, creator of the brand and founder of the company, comes from the world of graphic design. His father created Gràfiques Maculart more than 35 years ago and Albert began working there at 17 years old.



He became the head of the company, completing the generational shift.


Thinking about how to broaden the market and be able to print more, he started Akewuele: a cardboard box that united an image, a message, and most important of all, a fragrance. He presented it to the PSC (Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya, or Socialists’ Party of Catalonia) and the news spread around Spain. But most important of all, it was the seed of an idea that he had been thinking about for a while: to be able to combine printing and fragrance. Since then, Grup Maculart has run campaigns - all with fragrance - for Volkswagen, Marqués de Riscal, Ambi Pur, Bodegas Torres and La Piara, among others.


In order to drive these and other projects, he created the ODOTIPO S.L., a company, dedicated to olfactory marketing. One thing led to another and based on research, learning, and creating synergies with other businesses, little by little ODOTIPO found their niche in the world of sensory communication, making use of the most important sense for awakening emotions: smell. Who hasn’t had a pleasant memory evoked by a fragrance?

2009 And Akewuele, the name of the little box that was the seed of all this, today gives the name to a new company - a product of the union with Trisón Acústica and a collaboration agreement with Ravetllat Aromàtics - specializing in the creation of ambiance for spaces, events, and any other type of challenge that comes up. 

ODOTIPO S.L. signed an agreement with the CSIC and the Autonomous University of Barcelona Bellaterra Campus, and thanks to this work Gràfiques Maculart will soon be the first graphic firm able to print directly with fragrance.


Today, we can define Akewuele as an olfactory marketing company that is dedicated to aromatic ambiance, offering corporate fragrances for brands and simultaneously developing corporate aromatic products for brands.



Marc Sánchez

Salida · Compromiso
Corazón · Confianza
Fondo · Diferenciación


Tatiana Tejedor

Salida · Personalidad
Corazón · Creatividad
Fondo · Emoción


Bàrbara Cornudella

Salida · Inovación
Corazón · Tecnología
Fondo · Evolución


Delia Sánchez

Salida · Firmeza
Corazón · Seriedad
Fondo · Veracidad


Patricia Cantero

Salida · Solemnidad
Corazón · Optimismo
Fondo · Serenidad


Jesús Infante

Salida · Armonía
Corazón · Diligencia
Fondo · Control


Alba Lozano

Salida · Responsabilidad
Corazón · Seguridad
Fondo · Tranquilidad

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