Olfactory Marketing: a Dictionary

We have gathered a wide vocabulary of the olfactory and sensory marketing sector and made a dictionary. Specially thought for people in the communication fields, this glossary is a selection of the most common lexicon of olfactory marketing so that they can become familiar with the world of creating unique scents.   This dictionary covers one hundred of the most important terms in olfactory marketing and will be especially useful for anyone who wants to deepen into our profession: the development of olfactory potions that distinguish brands through the power of smell.
There are 5 names in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Cerebro Racional
Lugar donde se almacena lo lógico, lo analítico y lo funcional. Racionaliza las decisiones. El ser humano es la única especie que tiene este tipo de cerebro.
Those interested in incorporating olfactory marketing techniques in their own business (brand).
Condition which provides well-being and comfort in the place where a smell is perceived.
Comunicación Sensorial
Actividad de transmitir información con el objetivo de generar emociones a través de los sentidos (gusto, olfato, tacto, vista y oído).
Individual which consumes or purchases products from the brands (olfactory marketing clients) and who participate in the olfactory experience offered by the brand.