Olfactory Marketing


Let your nose guide you.

olfactory marketing
Sensory marketing appeals to the senses with the aim of creating experiences through sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. A technique that is increasingly being used as a formula for brands and their customers to engage.

A world of senses is hidden behind a fragrance.

Olfactory marketing is a sophisticated communication technique that uses sensory stimulation to transmit brand values. By taking advantage of the incredible impact that smells have on our memory and desire, olfactory marketing looks to achieve a bigger bond between brands and users.

A simple aroma is able to take us to hidden places in our memory. Therein lies the magic of the expert perfumers of Akewuele: using smell and the sensations it evokes as a new communication channel, even more powerful than sight and hearing, to awake emotions and relive moments through the most advanced olfactory marketing techniques.

“A simple aroma is able to take us to hidden places in our memory.”

The market, increasingly saturated, seeks new formulas and methods to captivate its consumers. Olfactory marketing is a stimulation technique that has become a powerful communication tool, thanks to the sensory abilities of smell.

Our portfolio of custom made fragrances for selected brands and firms.



At Akewuele we collaborate with companies and brands that are looking for new and different communication channels. A corporate aroma is a branding support that allows a brand to convey a message and evoke pleasant emotions in people. By linking a brand to a fragrance, they are able to reinforce and transmit a unique message. That is why we design a personalized fragrance for each of our projects.

“A corporate aroma is a branding support that allows you to transmit a message.”

The process of creating corporate aromas (odotypes), begins with a brief prepared by the client in which they define their brand values, the audience they want to address and what sensations and attributes they want to communicate: vanguardism, technology, security, solvency, efficiency, design, luxury, credibility and closeness, elegance, professionalism, originality, commitment, ecology…All values ​​that can be transmitted through an aroma.


Akewuele, working in collaboration with Ravetllat Aromàtics – a pioneer company with more than 80 years of experience creating fragrances and a large team perfumers and technicians-  then prepare several proposals of aromas according to the clients demand.

From that moment we carry out the necessary tests to find and create the right scent, combination and intensity.

A corporate aroma enhances brand values, positions it in the market and allows it to differentiate itself from the competition with an innovative, creative and emotional product.

Ambiance Scents

At Akewuele we want to help companies and brands to elevate their products and services, improve their brand image and their sales. With the  touch of a scent.

We have created aromas for large firms in the fashion and retail sector, making fragrances that can be perceived in all their venues around in the world.

We have also carried out projects to aromatize environments as diverse as theater plays, press halls, building halls, hospitals, exhibition halls, hotels and product launches.

We face each project as a new challenge and always follow the Akewuele method: our team listens to the client and studies their demand, analyzes the space to be ambiented and elaborates a hand in hand effort with the brand, to achieve a unique fragrance and adapt the aromatization systems to their own needs.

Using our atmospheric aromatization nebulizer equipment -a conjoint effort of research and engineering by Akewuele and telecommunications and engineer companies- we are able to fill any chosen space with our scents by locating our equipment in strategic locations.

Fragrances that elevate your brand.