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[1] Akewuele

Company that creates corporate fragrances and aromatization of spaces which aims to awaken emotions. It is made up of a group of companies from different sectors: Gràfiques Maculart (printing), Ravetllat Aromàtics (fragrances), and Trisón Acústica (music and lighting).

[2] Chords

Simple combinations of two to four components that combine harmoniously to achieve the ideal combination and the most pleasant smell. The basic chords correspond to each olfactory family (floral, woody, citrus...).

[3] Alcohol

The function of alcohol in perfume is to dissolve or aerate the essences that the fragrances contain and to help them disperse. It is used as the vector and conductor of the perfume because of its solubility, fusion, and boiling properties.

[4] Atmosphere

To provide an appropriate atmosphere through the application of an aroma in the environment, achieving a balance of order and well-being.

[5] Aroma

In olfactory marketing, a subjective concept of the perfume that consists of a smell capable of making a positive impression on the sense of smell.

[6] Aromateca

Collection of samples of the different aromas formulated by a perfume laboratory. Archive of olfactory creations.

[7] Corporate fragrance

Representative smell of a brand or firm created for the purpose of direct association. It has a unique and recognizable formula. An odotype.

[8] Aromatization

Action of aromatizing a place, space, or environment in order to awaken emotions through the sense of smell and to generate experiences.

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