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[9] Well-Being

The sensation of living a pleasant moment upon perceiving an aroma through the sense of smell.

[10] Biofeedback

Electrodermal activity to measure the emotions through body temperature and facial muscular activity.

[11] Brief

Written document with precise instructions for the creation of the olfactory proposal with the intention to integrate the fragrance with the corporate identity and image of the brand.

[12] Olfactory bulb

Region of the central nervous system that processes the information coming from the olfactory epithelium, which is the part of the anatomy capable of detecting smells.

[13] Brand experience

Concept based on the experience of the client with the brand and how they relate to it. A sensory contact which provides an emotional bond between the brand and consumer.

[14] Olfactory branding

Creation of an olfactory identity. Brand recognition through its odotype (unique olfactory signature).

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