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[25] Proust Effect

The instant in which memory activates the recollection of lived experiences upon smelling an aroma.

[26] Facial electromyography

Activity that registers the facial micro expressions that are directly connected with emotional states.

[27] Emotions

Psychophysiological responses that represent the types of adaptation to certain stimuli of the individual when they perceive an object, person, place, event, or important memory.

[28] Encephalogram

Technique sensitive to neural activity collecting data through the scalp.

[29] Commercial environment

The application of an aroma may help consumers to remain longer in the establishment, to have a unique experience, to return to the establishment, to remember the place in the future, and to perceive the products positively.

[30] Work environment

The application of an aroma may help to improve attention, improve mental concentration, increase productivity, and reduce stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

[31] Autonomous equipment

Aromatizing machine that uses electricity to improve specific points.

[32] Nebulizer equipment

Machine for aromatizing a space through a climate control conduit.

[33] Olfactory stimulus

External or internal signal capable of provoking a reaction in a cell or organism upon perceiving a smell.

[34] Evaporación

Tiempo de permanencia del aroma en el lugar deseado. De cero a tres minutos primera impresión, durante la primera hora se huele la esencia del aroma y hasta cuatro horas o más, la esencia permanece en el lugar.

[35] Experimentation

Method that consists in creating the correct aroma, keeping in mind the aromatic components as influential variables in the values of the brand.

[36] Experience

Ability derived from an aromatized experience that is registered in the olfactory memory.

[37] Eye tracking

Técnica del neuromarketing para analizar el movimiento de los ojos.

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