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[38] Fragrance

Aromatic substance designed to emit a pleasant smell.

[39] Olfactory family

Description or classification of a fragrance according to the principal olfactory characteristics.

[40] Aqueous family

Category of fragrances with the sensation of cleanliness, with oceanic notes, ozone notes, and sea breeze notes full of freshness.

[41] Woddy family

Category of leafy fragrances whose aroma comes from deep within the forest, through roots, rhizomes, and tree bark. Notes of leather and tobacco are also found.

[42] Citrus family

Category of fragrances with aromatic notes and Hesperides chords. Freshness and lightness combined with nature.

[43] Spiced family

Category of more exotic fragrances for their combination of aromatic notes that usually come from the culinary arts.

[44] Floral family

Category of fragrances with a floral smell with connotations of subtlety and femininity.

[45] Fruity family

Category of fragrances with smell extracted from fruit juice, pulp, or peel. The fruity aroma is smooth and dynamic and has a sparkling and happy character.

[46] Gourmand family

Category of fragrances based on sweet and dessert-like aromas. Appropriate for food sector brands.

[47] Oriental family

Category of fragrances combined with spiced notes and exotic flowers. The dominant note is usually amber.

[48] Green family

Category of fragrances with an intense freshness of leaves, herbs, and even varieties of teas. Characterized by the deepest nature.

[49] Loyalty

Olfactory communication establishes an emotional connection with the client establishing a positive sensation and improving client loyalty.

[50] Olfactory formula 

Ingredients of natural or synthetic prime materials that form the palette of the perfumer in order to combine them together and compose an aromatic creation.

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