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[51] Olfactory identity

Combination of unique sensory aspects associated with visual characteristics. Characteristics of the brand, thing, or person (corporate color, the logo, and tone of communication) that form a corporate identity of an organization, making it different and recognizable.

[52] Aromatic impression

Printing technique using a corporate fragrance applied to a graphic piece.

[53] Growth

To improve the positive memory of the brand experience.

[54] Innovation

To communicate emotionally with the target through the senses. It is a technique used to generate better satisfaction and loyalty upon remembering the brand experience.

[55] Emotional intelligence

Ability to supervise, perceive, and understand the emotions of oneself and others. This can help to guide our way of thinking and our interpersonal behavior.

[56] Research

Activity oriented toward obtaining new knowledge of sensory marketing through the most important techniques in neuromarketing.

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