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[64] Nose

Part of the face capable of perceiving smell and identifying a brand through its corporate fragrance.

[65] Neuroscience

Branch which studies the nervous system of human beings.

[66] Neuromarketing

Neuroscience techniques applied to the marketing sector, which analyzes and identifies the levels of emotion, attention, and memory in charge with the different stimuli perceived (consciously or unconsciously).

[67] Olfactory notes 

Phases of the formulation of a fragrance that is usually defined by the type of products used according to their volatility.

[68] Top notes 

These are perceived immediately after application of the fragrance. They produce the first impression. Intense notes.

[69] Middle notes 

These follow after top notes have evaporated, forming the real character of the fragrance.

[70] Base notes

The final part of the aromatic sequence which contains the lasting and strong components.

[71] Notoriety

Level of renown acquired among consumers of a brand through a corporate fragrance. 

[72] Novelty

Smell has an important function in the valuation of the brand and its originality. It reinforces its identity adding a value that other brands do not have.

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