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[76] Perception

Manner in which the brain interprets the sensory stimuli that are received through the senses to form a conscious impression of the physical reality of the environment.

[77] Perfume

Commercial product created through a combination of natural, vegetable, or synthetic extracts which creates an aroma capable of not only stimulating the sense of smell, but also of evoking sensations and memories of situations and people.

[78] Perfume industry

Industry relating to the manufacture and sale of aromatic products.

[79]Olfactory pyramid

Numbered structure of different aromatic components, following an order established by three phases or olfactory notes.

[80] Pleasure

Impregnation of the client’s conscious, causing them to enjoy the brand experience.

[81] Aromatic product

Creation of objects to aromatize a space with the corporate fragrance. (candles, mikados, perfumes...)

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