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[82] Memory

Image or group of images of past events or situations that remain in the memory thanks to retention and olfactory stimuli.

[83] Olfactory recognition

Action of distinguishing one brand among the others as a consequence of its aromatic characteristics and features.

[84] Olfactory retention

Conservation in the memory of the perceived olfactory identity used to recognize the brand or to consume it. 

[85] Limbic resonance

Theoretical concept according to which the capacity for sharing deep emotional states originates in the limbic system of the brain.

[86] Galvanic response 

Obtaining of measurements of the deepest parts of the brain.

[87] Relive

Recuperation in the present of feelings associated with experiences remembered from the past.

[88] Aromatic wheel

Method of classification of the olfactory families in more general categories, which is used widely in retail and the fragrance industry.

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