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[89] Sensations

Impressions received through sensory processing which perceives the stimuli through the sensory organs.

[90] Olfactory seduction

Olfactory marketing is a communication tool which wins over the consumer with an aromatic attraction.

[91] Senses

Physiological mechanism of perception that allows the individual to receive stimuli from their environment, as well as determined internal states of the organism.

[92] Olfactory sensitivity

Capacity for perceiving smells. It is the most emotionally powerful sense, even though it is usually the least predominant behind vision and hearing, which provides individuals with vital information about their environment. 

[93] Aromatic services

Actions that seek to satisfy the needs of clients through smell.

[94] Limbic system

System formed by various brain structures that manage physiological responses before emotional stimuli.

[95] Climate control system

Creation of adequate air temperature conditions to achieve comfort and convenience in a determined habitat.

[96] Olfactory system 

Sensory system used to detect smells the chemical-sensory perception. 

[97] Nebulization system

Transformation of liquids into particles when spread through the air.

[98] Subconscious 

Combination of mental processes not consciously perceived by the individual, but that may appear in determined situations and influence their way of acting or their character.

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