We have developed for AMBI PUR 1.200.000 sachets –enclosed to some of the magazines that have more circulation around the country- to launch the two new natural fragrances for the National Geographic range, inspired by the world itself: Nevada and Tatami.


Its flowering is a unique event. Desert flowers only appear when winter rain falls over Nevada's desert. That unusual occasion turns the desert into a genuine show while gazing the landscape covered with a layer made of those orangey yellow small flowers. The magical moment of that exceptional experience is to perceive their sweet perfume.

It's a delicate fragrance with a pinch of fresh species mixed with apricot and green herbs that captivates our senses.


The tatami's mats are made of an herb called Igusa that grows in the rice fields of Japan. Once it is cut and gets dry, it gets a special fresh and slight smell.

The exceptional mixture of aromatic herbs and a pinch of tea creates a fresh and relaxing fragrance. Balance, harmony, serenity.

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