Audi Class Tour

%akewuele% has created 50 akewueles for AUDI, one of the most important companies in the car industry.

50 exclusive akewueles for 50 very special people: the Audi Class Tour international finalists, -probably the best and oldest Spanish amateur contest- that at the end of November will compete in Cancún the last event that will decide the circuit champion.

In the Audi %akewuele% you could read: "When you open this box, you will sense the feeling of being in the final". Why? Because the smell that it gave off once opened was wonderful and simply like the fresh grass in a golf course, the same wet grass shown in the image.

Without a doubt, when the winner of the contest senses the smell of his %akewuele% he will remember the wonderful feelings he had during the final. This is the %akewuele% spirit.

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