Bocadelia de La Piara

%akewuele% has participated in the promotion of the products Bocadelia Tosta Mediterránea that belong to the company La Piara, leader in the Spanish pâté market.

La Piara, after a great success with the sandwich fillings, faced a new challenge: the launch of four varieties to spread on toasts that burst in the market with the intention to put on the table the whole Mediterranean flavour.

La Piara bet on the taste and trusted %akewuele% to create an essence for the presentation of the campaign "Awake the senses" and bring the product closer to big shopping centres in a innovating way.

%akewuele% achieved the aim and managed to summarize the Mediterranean smells: tomato, olive oil, aromatic herbs, grilled vegetables and the sea. These essences were captured independently and meant an unconventional, deeply impressive and also very innovating proposal to those who had the chance of enjoying that experience.

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