Grupo Maculart

In Grup Maculart, made up of a graphic company that leads its sector and the smell marketing agency ODOTIPO -to which %akewuele% belongs-, we want to celebrate the new year 2009 practising what we preach: giving as a present to our clients and friends our corporative fragrance in many and original shapes.

These days of crisis we want to contribute with some optimism and welcome the new year with mikados, incense, tiny and original car air fresheners, and of course our %akewuele% that has a cheerful colour and a close, warm and pleasant essence the base of which is vanilla .

And furthermore we want to pay a tribute to the conventional bulb, that will disappear in the course of next year, and that is been keeping us company and giving us so much light. %akewuele% want to give it a wink and wish to our clients and friends that the renewed light stays with them during the whole new year. And we wish that they remember us when they feel our fragrance at work, at home or driving the car, hopefully with affection...

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