P&B 1991 Man & P&B 1991 Woman

P&B 1991 is a line of fragrances crated for P&B as the fragrance par excellence of the clothing brand, called 1991 after the year Pull & Bear was founded.

Both the women’s and the men’s lines reflect the essence of Pull & Bear.

1991 Man has aromatic wild fougère notes although it is a fragrance that changes with time. In the first hours, the scent has touches of lemon, rosemary, lavender, bergamot and violet, while later it develops notes of cedar, petitgrain, ginger, pineapple and rose, and then finally becomes a pleasant fragrance of sandalwood, vetiver, moss, musk, amber and vanilla.

1991 Woman is a powdery, sweet perfume with fresh hints of rose and notes of watermelon, tangerine and fresh lilies. This scent also transforms over time. In the first hours, it has a flowery rose smell with hints of watermelon, tangerine and honey. Then the fragrance begins to take on touches of rose and freesia and finally has notes of musk, cedar, iris and sandalwood.

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