PSC - The aroma of the Socialist Party of Catalonia

At the beginning of 2008, the Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya decided to renew its image. They had created several slogans, they had a logotype and managed to put music on they political project. But it was time to move forward.

In 2008, %akewuele% suggested that they could communicate with their voters in a different way, through the essences, and therefore we worked hard to create the first political party smell.

Creating the PSC smell, we captured their political profile as a party, grasping the essence of their human and social values. The result was a fragrance in which we combined several smelling notes such as: bergamot from Calabria, white tea, basil, sagebrush, lemon verbena, verbena, rosemary and white pepper, in the way out touch.

The heart notes, those that mark a perfume's character, contained damascena rose's petals, nutmeg and ylang-ylang from Comoros.

Finally, as deep down notes, those that harmonize the composition, we chose sandalwood, geranium, plant musk and patchouli.

The project for PSC was our first work and we are very proud of it, both for the result and the media interest that it awaked since it was the first political party that decided to have an odotipo, in other words, a corporative smell to identify it. The media impact was massive.


El Pais (15/01/2008) El Mundo (15/01/2008)
Informativos Tele5 (15/01/2008) La Razón (15/01/2008)
El Semanal Digital (15/01/2008) La Vanguardia (15/01/2008)
El Pais (14/01/2008) El Periódico (14/01/2008)
The Guardian (14/01/2008) 20minutos (14/01/2008)
ABC (14/01/2008) Soitu (14/01/2008)
e-notícies (14/01/2008) Canarias7 (14/01/2008)
Público (14/01/2008) Libertad Digital (14/01/2008)
Cadena Ser (12/01/2008)

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