Special conversations, unique spaces

A scent evokes a place.

We at Akewuele understand the power of a scent in any given space. You have the chance to create a bond, a memory that connects people to it, to what it represents and to the events that happen inside.
The experiences that happen in a theatre, a boutique or a hotel go beyond our physical experience. Our designs, fragrances and custom aromatisation systems -for enclosed or semi open spaces- make these experiences more memorable by adding a touch personality, a sutil, an elegant scent that elevates the experience.
Wellness, joy, comfort or relaxation, whatever it is that you want to inspire… Everything is possible with our aromatisation technologies. A discrete and elegant way to give character, custom made for our clients and their spaces.

Find a fragrance that tells your brand’s story.


Akewuele’s four key elements to aromatize a space

Flexible placement

Getting creative with placements by hanging, hiding or disguising the aromatization systems, anything that can respond to the client’s needs.

HVAC connection

By using this technology to connect the equipment to the air conditioner system, we achieve a more homogeneous aroma dispersion. We can also opt for direct aromatization.

Easily programmable

Weekly adjusted to the schedules and timings of each space.

Adjustable intensity

The maximum precision to regulate the intensity of dispersion through a comfortable and simple system.


Dimensions: 355 x 90 x 280mm
Weight: 5 kg
Aromatizable area: 100-150 m³
Fragrance Capacity: 250 ml


Dimensions: 300 x 120 x 120,5mm
Weight: 3 kg
Aromatizable area: 250-750 m³
Fragrance Capacity: 5L – 3L depending on the construction characteristics of the air conditioning system.

Want to create a unique olfactory experience?