Live your own Akewuele experience.


At Akewuele we are very proud of the work we do. The creation of fragrances for brands is a task that implies science, creativity, communication and great sensitivity.


That is why we carry out customized workshops for groups and people that want to discover the magic that is hidden behind the perfumer’s trade. It is an experience in which you can open your mind to a new way of communicating and evoke senses very differently. In our workshops you can create your own fragrance by combining essences and choosing the most appropriate ones to convey the values ​​and emotions of your choice.

Our workshops are also a very creative and innovative Team building experience for your company.

First Impressions: we share our knowledge in the field of perfumery and fragrances.
We define the personality of our fragrance and get down to work: we test the essences that resonate with us.
We give our fragrance the last touches and review it’s personality.

An experience for all the senses

Our personalized perfume workshops are not only thought for our sense of smell but also involves all of our senses. We look to create an activity that leaves an absolutely unforgettable trail both in learning and in the senses.

Looking for a unique touch?